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Passionately Crafted British Pasta

100% Durum Wheat

100% Durum Wheat

Made from a hard wheat variety high in gluten, durum wheat offers a firm texture and delicious, nutty flavour that is perfect for any pasta dish.

Bronze Die Extruded Pasta

Bronze Die Extruded

We never rush our pasta. Rougher surfaces created by extruding through traditional bronze dies allow sauces and ingredients to cling to it better, resulting in a more flavourful and satisfying meal.

Union Jack

Great British Pasta

Milled and produced in Norfolk, we are proud of supporting British wheat farmers as we are of the history of our mill.

Vegan Friendly Pasta

Vegan Friendly

Our pasta is a testament to the age-old adage that less is more. Made using just two ingredients – the highest quality durum wheat and pure water – our pasta can be enjoyed by all.

We’re proud of milling in Norfolk, supporting British wheat farmers and the history of our mill. Most importantly, we are proud of our pasta.

Finest Quality Durum Wheat
Union Jack

A range of quality durum wheat semolina pasta expertly crafted for the entire family to enjoy. At Waveney Mill, we understand the importance of supporting local agriculture which is why our product is fully manufactured in the UK whilst still delivering a range of pasta shapes suited to any meal occasion.

Our range of premium pasta will have you wanting your dinner for lunch, and with our robust pasta formula designed to be cooked multiple times without compromising on quality – now you can.

Meet The Range

Expertly crafted 100% durum wheat pasta, carefully extruded through traditional bronze dies

The Story of Waveney Mill

Unique in shape and unique in origin, Waveney Mill has Robert Clarke – a Victorian farmer, miller and baker – to thank for its location. Situated close to the idyllic tranquillity of the Norfolk Broads where the river Yare scythes its way through the wheatfields of Norfolk towards Norwich and beyond, and yet having immediate access to the waterways of the world from Yarmouth’s ancient harbour.

For over 140 years Waveney Mill has stood proudly on the banks of the river Yare, at the centre of Waveney Valley, an area rich in wheat cultivation with a history stretching back to Saxon times.

Since pasta became the staple of the British diet in the 1960s, mills across the UK endeavoured to create the best wheat. Durum wheat, rarely seen milled in the UK, is an essential part of Waveney Mill’s pasta, a constant ingredient throughout generations of pasta recipes which has led to the pasta we have today.

Beyond the great flavour, the near century-long adaptation and innovation of classic pasta has resulted in the four fun shapes in our core range. Try Waveney Mill today!

Our Recipes

From quick and easy to indulgent and gourmet, transform your pasta meals with our collection of pasta recipes

Real Pasta Lovers, Real Reviews

Join others who have discovered the unparalleled flavour and texture of our 100% durum wheat, bronze die British pasta

A special place in my heart

“My bolognese was levelled up with the gorgeous Spatziola. Utterly delicious, holding the bolognese perfectly.”

Charlotte Butterworth

So good!

“Really good quality pasta, the sauce bound excellently and had the perfect bite.”

Not Just Stew

I am in love!

“The quality and taste of the pasta is just amazing!”

Cook With Karish

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