Waveney Mill Mixed Selection (3x500g)


This mixed selection includes one bag each of the Waveney Mill range of bronze-die, 100% durum wheat pasta.


Waveney Mill Penne (500g)

A pasta with no need for introduction, penne has been a beloved staple in Britain for many years. Its unique shape with tapered ends allows sauces to coat both the inside and outside of the pasta, delivering a more satisfying all-round bite.

Waveney Mill Girandole (500g)

A beautifully spiralled shape, similar to Fusilli, a family favourite in the UK, our Girandole has elegant tight twists, which are the ideal vehicle for transporting delicious sauces from plate to palate.

Waveney Mill Spatziola (500g)

A unique conical shape, this elegant Spatziola pasta cradles sauces in its curls in a stunning way. Almost resembling a tornado, this whirlwind of a pasta will cause a storm in any household.


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Mixed Selection
Waveney Mill Mixed Selection (3x500g)